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Performance & Awareness



Industries are diverse

Positioning varies

Development issues are multiple

Growth ambitions evolve

Our offers are mainly intended for associations, liberal professions, and companies in order to accompany them in their development projects by the realization of unique events.


The HD offers are modulated to adapt to the complexities specific to each of our customers, to each of our partners. Our offers are exclusively conditioned to a goal of Performance and Awareness, of quantitative and qualitative results by putting into action "user-friendly experiences".

Our fees are exclusively calculated in proportion to the results obtained, indexed on the margins generated by the event.


Remember that the increase in awareness must be quantified by economic growth; and that an economic performance also needs to be reflected in a gain in notoriety.

AWARENESS - Recruitment Offer

To attract and surround yourself with the best talents

AWARENESS - Cohesion Offer

For committed, motivated, supportive and efficient employees

AWARENESS - Loyalty Offer

To consolidate its customers and members networks

PERFORMANCE - Conquest Offer

To acquire new members and new customers

PERFORMANCE - Promotion Offer

To promote its products and services

PERFORMANCE - Offer Collaboration

To create a synergy of companies

PERFORMANCE - Recovery Offer

To optimize a period of decline in commercial activity

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